Menu bar in header not appearing in IE but ok in Firefox

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    Hello everyone,

    I have just used the Graphene theme for the first time and really like the layout, however for some reason my menu bar in header has disappeared when viewed in Internet Explorer, yet it is visible and fine in Firefox…. Any ideas as i am stuck as to what the problem is.

    Help much appreciated


    Prasanna SP


    I can’t see menu bar from even firefox and chromium browsers. Are you sure that Menu bar is there??



    It is showing on my pc – i will clear cache and check…. why would it not show?



    I have noticed that menu bar in header only is visible when i am logged in to wordpress, once i logged out as admin and viewed site the menu bar has disappeared.



    The admin menu bar is only visible when you are logged in as admin, or when you are logged in as a user. Once logged out, the admin bar is no longer visible.

    The admin bar is basically a shortcut to the administration or member features.

    Prasanna SP


    Oh Josh! Is visiweb referring to admin menu bar?? lol I thought visiweb is talking about navigation bar.. 🙂



    Hi Josh,

    Thanks, its not the admin bar i refer to, but the menu bar for the site pages, which appears in header, it is visible when i am logged in as admin and admin bar is at top of screen, but when i log out of admin the menu bar for site pages etc disappeared??



    Yes Prasanna i am talking about navigation bar…. visible when i am logged in, not visible when logged out?



    You’re right. I don’t see your nav bar.

    How are you set up? Did you JUST activate the theme? Do you have both posts AND pages?

    Prasanna SP


    Okay, If you’ve created a custom menu. then select that menu in “Header Menu” under Appearance–>Menus–>theme locations.



    Well its first time for using this theme, theme is activated and i have gone through configuration of theme in admin, so i thought i had done everything ok, and i am confused why nav bar is visible when am signed in on admin but invisible when not. Could i have switched it off somewhere….. i have checked settings and cant work out where i have gone wrong.

    Site has several pages and a blog page, it is set up with static front page and blog page



    Solved!!! Thanks Prasanna!!!

    Prasanna SP


    Well, I can see menu bar in your site now! 🙂

    Prasanna SP


    Oh! It seems you’ve added that menu into both header and footer menu sections..



    Solved!!! Thanks Prasanna!!!

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