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    Good day,

    I want to only show the menu pages in the left column of the page and not on the top bar.

    Is there an option for the pages not to be shown on the top bar and only on the desired column?





    Hi Aneil

    Just use build-in menu system:

    You have options where to show/or not menues 🙂



    I’ve got the same question. There does not appear to be a Graphene option for the top bar to be blank or to disable the page titles up there. The top bar currently lists some (not all) of the page titles for clicking. I have a lot of pages on my site, and the top bar is just adding clutter/not displaying them all correctly.

    This doesn’t seem to be a configurable menu option in WP, either, which I already tried. 🙁

    Thank you!




    Well, look again at the build-in menu system 🙂



    Sorry to be dense, but I’m new to this, & I don’t think we’re talking about the same thing, then. Wish I could paste in a screenshot with arrows. 🙂

    When you say “build-in menu system”, are you referring to something I need to change in the WP Admin Theme Editor? (oh please don’t send me there! LOL) Not the Menus tab in the WP Admin system, right? <–That’s what I thought you meant at first (duh, right?), & no, that’s not showing me a way to remove those header/index tabs up in the top bar. ( What’s showing up in my top bar is not an editable menu in the WP Admin package, nor do I see anything in Graphene options.

    I don’t want my Page headings to show up anywhere but the Side Bars. Is there a way I can do that *easily*? If not, then OK, I love this theme’s features. But if it’s possible, & you can dumb it down a little for me, that would be cool. :} Thanx



    Build Your menu system here:

    Edit: More options “Screen Settings” on top right side!

    Then You can choose not to show it in .nav bar or submenu bar! 🙂

    LOL: Thats it 🙂



    Geez, it finally sank in! Sorry about my ADD & thanks for your patient guidance! LOL



    OKI. Have a nice day 🙂


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