Mega Max Menu plugin used under graphene works fine but I have a special CSS request

  • jschins


    My website is

    I use GoDaddy’s server, with the latest version of WordPress installed.

    What CSS code should I enter in the Mega max menu editor in order to achieve that upon hovering over the menu items, the second level subitems are shown (this is automatically the case) but also, when you hover over the second level items, the third level items are shown, not all of them under one main menu item, but only under the secondary menu subitem which one hovers over.

    At this moment I have a few third level subitems (under 1950’s, 1980’s, and “philosophy”, but these are displayed permanently, that is, as long as the main menu item is active. I would like the third level subitems to show up only when hovering over the appropriate second level subitem.

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