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    This is the list I am compiling of related plugins. So far, Mark and Daniel have these similarities in their plugins. If more people report this problem, I will adjust the list accordingly.

    Here is the list:

    All in One SEO Pack

    Exclude Pages from Navigation

    Google XML Sitemaps

    SexyBookmarks (by shareaholic)

    If you have this issue, and if you have these plugins, try disabling them (one by one) and see if the hover issue goes away.

    Please also share any findings.



    Okay, the first image is the html from firebug on my site. The second image is from Marks site (which is having the menu hover issue). Suggestions?

    My Site

    Marks Site

    EDIT: This is when inspecting a main menu item.



    With Marks site, it shows the hover text normally when switching to the Twenty Eleven theme. This is with all his current plugins installed.

    Is it possible there plugin conflict with only Graphene, and not other themes?




    What I did was deactivate the “All in One SEO Pack”. Then, I created a custom menu and added the pages I wanted displayed in the nav bar.

    Then, in the custom menu settings page, you can expand each “page” to open a section where you can enter the title, subtitle, and hoverbox information.



    I still have a problem with the Navigation description not showing up for my “About Us” page. Also, where do you add the navigation description when creating a custom theme? Currently my header menu is the default menu, arranged by Page Order. Thanks!



    I can see the Navigation description for “About US” page. See this image

    When creating custom menus, you can add Navigation description on “Title Attribute” field.



    That’s the Title Attribute. The Navigation Description is what is beneath “About Us”. For example, under “Interview Questions” it says “Ace the Interview Q & A”. For some reason, the navigation description does not appear underneath the About Us page.



    Ah! Yes! It is not in Bold font as well. Are you using custom menus? If so, Just remove “About Us” page from menu and add a custom block & fill out all the fields.



    No, I’m not using custom menus because I cannot add a Navigation description.



    No, I’m not using custom menus because I cannot add a Navigation description.

    Who said that? You can add Navigation description to menu items while using custom menus. Just expand Screen options at the top of menu settings and tick “Description”.

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