Massive gap on pages

  • DavidAndjanine2011


    Just recently, when I type a page, there is a massive space between the top and the first line. Please help, it makes my site look really unprofessional. Thank you.


    Kenneth John Odle


    URL? We really can’t tell what is wrong with your site until we see it.


    Kenneth John Odle


    It looks like you’ve entered a bunch of returns at the top of your post. Take them out and things should be back to normal.

    You’ve also asked this question once already, and I responded to you there, which is where you should have responded, rather than creating a separate thread for the same question.


    Kenneth John Odle


    I’ve merged these topics.



    Give me some credit… You don’t think that was the first thing I tried? No, there is definitely a problem because the space on my home page isn’t right as well as on several other pages. Most pages are fine (old ones) but when I type a new one the space is wrong. Please help. Cheers.


    Syahir Hakim

    Give me some credit… You don’t think that was the first thing I tried?

    Participants in this forum ranges from the absolute code-illiterate to the professionals. Truth is, we don’t know your level of code-literacy and troubleshooting capability unless you made it clear to us from the beginning. In absence of such information, we tend to assume the least common denominator. There is absolutely no reason to feel offended by this.

    With regard to your issue, two things to try:

    1. Deactivate all plugins and create a new post to see if the issue persist

    2. Failing the above, try switching to the default theme and create a new post to see again if the issue persists.



    No improvements. Sorry.

    This problem only occurred since a last update. Thanks.



    Did you change the theme?

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