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    I’m putting this in the right place. It started in a different part of the forms and moved into a question.

    Any ideas on how to manage many installs on the same server. By that i mean the css files & child themes. Or do i have to redo all the work to each install.



    lol… I remember 🙂

    Hmmm.. Let’s start playing around.

    I think, in theory, this might work.

    How is the site structured? Do you have one main install in your root? And then ten subdirectories, each with their own install of wordpress?



    10 installs of wordpress. Main site is on the root, other 9 installs are in folders on the root. Like this.

    / <–main install

    /folder2 <– install 2

    /folder3 <– install 3

    /folder4 <– install 4

    ..and so on

    It looks like the widgets with the id’s text-3 text-4 are used as the same place on each of the installs, but I think that is just by luck and that I put the same content there. But if I were to put different content on the top widget in different installs then that wouldn’t work



    Yeah, I didn’t think about that. What I was thinking was adding an @import url to the main install, as well as each of the 9 subinstall css file… all pointing to a common “ghost” css file.

    I guess the widget thing would be a conflict though. However, you could use it for any base adjustments where all 10 installs call the same class or id??

    Just turning the gears here 🙂



    Yea, I like that idea, and will try it some time this week. Going to be in and out of the hospital all week.

    I think it will work for the GUI changes but for stuff like the icons for each text widget I don’t think it would.

    Is there a way to share menus across the installs? Like the footer menu?

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