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    I’m using a child theme and any changes to column layout and width options do not take effect. Switching to the native theme these options work.

    Could someone help me in what elements should I pass to the child theme so that column layout work fine?

    Further more, any hint on how could I set any column mode to any posts/pages?

    Thank you


    Syahir Hakim


    Try not to make any column widths changes via CSS. Instead, do it directly using the theme’s options. There’s a lot of things that need to be changed / updated when you modify the column widths, and the theme’s Column Width Options is designed to do just that.



    Hello Syahir,

    let me rephrase it. I haven’t made any changes in css as far columns.

    I just installed the updated theme and with the child theme still activated the sidebar columns and the footer cluttered (2 columns with right sidebar).

    Then I tried to tweak the width options but nothing changed (still with the child theme activated).

    Turning to the native theme the layout looks fine but actually I have some other changes in css and footer that I want to keep through the child theme.

    Are there certain elements/files that I should copy to the child theme so that no cluttering happens?



    I had more or less the same problem. I Had modified a lot of things in the style.css, funcions.php and footer.php and I had to do them again.

    The new version 1.6 is quite diferent from the 1.5.xx for me, the only solution which worked, was to modify the files in the child theme again.




    I had the same issue, what I did to fix this is just start a fresh new child theme from 1.6 version, and copied my old 1.5 CSS slowly back to the new 1.6 child theme.

    After that I went ahead and updated the new sidebar/content option then re-pluged-in all my widgets in my different pages.

    This can be a bit time consuming if your site has full of content, but it flushes out most layout errors.



    ok thanks guys.

    I followed your directions as I realized that there are critical additions to native css in order the column width options to work.

    Hoping not to get in such trouble soon.

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