Help – Make random child page appear below parent page!

  • Anonymous


    Hi all,

    I would appreciate any guidance on this. I’ve searched the forum and on Google but couldn’t find much info.

    How can I randomize the order of child pages appearing below a parent page?

    Thanks in advance!



    PS I believe that the relevant code is in loop-children.php but I’ve no idea what and where to edit 🙁


    Syahir Hakim


    Are you using a child theme on your site? We can guide you on how to achieve that if you’re using a child theme.



    Hi Syakir, thanks for the reply. Yes i am using a Child Theme.

    Just to clarify – On each refresh/page load/click of the parent page, I’m wondering if it’s possible to randomize the order of child pages displayed under the parent page.

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