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    I want to space 9 menu items evenly across the menu bar. Is it possible to make a menu button a certain width?




    here is a link to a screenshot so you see what I mean. The buttons should outline with the corresponding color boxes:



    Here You have my nav .menu:

    #nav .menu li a, #nav .menu li a:visited {
    color: #BABABA;
    font-family: arial,verdana,tahoma,georgia;
    font-size: 12px;
    padding: 0 6px;

    Change: padding: 0 6px;

    Then Change Your picture!




    i did this, but it doesn’t seem to change the distance between the button so that each buttons falls on a different color of the background image. any other idea?



    got it to work now, i needed to change the number 6 to something bigger. Now the problem is that some words for links are longer then others and if I understand correclty the padding changes the distance between words, correct? Is it possible to account for the difference in word size?



    Please add webpage link to Your user profile!




    profile is updated. Is there a way to just limit the size of the buttons? Then the padding option would work, wouldn’t it?




    Try put the original “images/sprite_h.png” file back in place.

    Then adjust the padding so Your menu looks okay. Maybe not use

    sub menu.




    Top of this header:

    There is a very thin line. Maybe “draw” it as buttom of

    Your header image in any wanted color, height & width.

    So it looks great on Your site.




    but then the colors would just be colors and not buttons, if I understand you correctly? Does that mean I can’t specify the width of the buttons in the menu?

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