Make images popup in small window?

  • dbphoto1981


    Hi, I am trying to find a way to make some of the photos I post in my pages to popup in a new small window or popup style window, does anyone know how to do this? I can make them open in a new window but it’s a full screen window with the image sitting in the top left corner? just want a popup the size of the image.

    Any help or recommendations would be great, thanks 🙂


    Kenneth John Odle


    There are any number of plugins that will do this for you. Most people like fancybox style popups or lightbox style popups.



    Thanks, I have found one that works now. I do have a problem though, if you look on this page When you click on the map at the top left under the headings, it loads up but underneath my Meteor Slides header? Any ideas how i can stop this?

    Thanks 🙂


    Syahir Hakim


    Try adding this to the theme’s Custom CSS feature:

    #showimage {
    z-index: 10;



    Thanks, thats worked perfectly 🙂

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