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    Ok I am pretty new to this, but know a little.

    I have searched and read some post and went thru some links that I found here, but I cannot seem to wrap my head around the whole makin the content wrapper background transparent. I would appreciate any info and you can even point me to old post that I might have missed trying to find the answer myself or should I say the answer I can understand. So I need a basic how to. I have read make a child file and use gimp for png or whatever. It just aint clickin for me.

    Also with that said it seems to be a wanted thing so it may be neat just to make a feature where you can set the transparency in this area. I sure thought there was a code like a color code for transparent you could plug in the color box, but I guess not.

    Anyways in the Graphene options>colours>content>Main content wrapper background is what I want to make transparent.

    website I have a wood background I want to make come thru the gray area. I have put off posting on my site trying to figure this out.



    Ok I know I rattled on the first post, but I am for sure now that there is no color code to make transparent.

    When I go to Graphene options>Display>Custom CSS can I just enter some sort of code here to make Main content wrapper background transparent?



    Add this to Custom CSS

    #content {
    background: none;



    AWESOME!! It worked! Now I need to go thru site and make sure everything else works still.


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