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  • 007me


    Main picture is limited to 250×30 and replaces the website title.

    Basically not needed.

    I was expected to have the option to place background image that will be behind everything and will be covered slowly as scrolling the page down.

    And it should be full width and responsive.

    Can’t find how to make it.

    Without something like that there’s not option for website main image that will be something that you’ll notice.

    250×30 is actually a banner, not more than that.


    Syahir Hakim


    We’ve designed the header to be minimalist – the header image was meant to be your site’s logo, which is why it replaces the title text. The navigation area where the header is has a very small footprint, so that emphasis can be given to the slider area.

    In this design, slider plays the prominent role in presenting the main intent of the site, and not the header. With a well-thought of heading in the slider coupled with dramatic / complementing slider image, you can deliver a much more effective message than a static header.



    So actually the logo of the website should be very small. Isn’t it?

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