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    My Main content wrapper background is wider on the right side. How do I restore it?

    After theme upgrade my widget header titles, and Page and Post descriptions are thin. How do I change the fonts and styles?

    My web site is

    Thank you, Craig


    Kenneth John Odle

    How do I restore it?

    Try clearing the values from the column width portion of Graphene options.

    How do I change the fonts and styles?

    Add to custom CSS:

    .post-title {style info here;}



    Hi Jedi squirrel: I don’t have a column issue. I edited some number in my style.css to 30. Then I changed it back but it didn’t correct my wrapper width. I am not good with html. I don’t know what criteria manages the Main content wrapper background.



    I placed

    .post-title {style info here;
    font: bold 16px arial;
    color: #e3e3e3;

    at the bottom of my style.css and it didn’t change my post title text. I seems like something is overriding it.


    Kenneth John Odle

    seems like something is overriding it.

    If you are editing theme files, then who knows what is happening.

    Actually, Firebug knows. It can show you which codes to target, and which are being overridden. It also lets you try out modifications on the fly. Have you installed it?



    JS: Yes I have installed Firebug. I have never used it.



    Guess what JS: I found the problem with my wrapper width using Firebug and fixed it. Now I will inspect the text attributes of my widget text.

    Thank you for your generous help. You are the greatest squirrel ever. Craig



    Ken: I was able to change my widget header text width. So all my questions were resolved. I have one more question. What attributes do I look for to change the margins on both sides of my main content text?

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