Lot of problems

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    First let me say that this theme is super. I love it….ss

    I’m very bad at English so I hope I can explain myself.

    this is my first block and I do not have much sense to php.

    I’ve now spent three days … almost 20 hours a day to make other colors. it’s hard when you do not know much about it. My head is totally blown now.

    So I hope some have time to help me.

    I have tried to create new pages, but then I lost the buttons.. or the colors on them. I can not create new pages ( I now that its very simpel…but they did not shows any where), finally I manage to removed the home button and the hole side.

    Next I try to make the heater bigger than 198 pixels…that did not succeeds for me.

    Then I try to change the last gray color and no that I cut not

    Last but not least … the blue color in the calendar

    My side is


    I dont now what the time is where you are, but here is bed time




    Syahir Hakim


    One by one please, Gitte. Which issue you want to be resolved first?

    Gitte Dahm


    Hi Syahir

    thanks for your response ….

    I would like to resolve the buttons so I can make my pages

    best regards,


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