Lost my 3rd column

  • hutchinsonDesign


    Hi, I love this theme. I’ve been modifying the templates, and I seem to have lost my left column of the 3 column template. Can’t see where I went wrong.


    I can post code if need be, just not sure which file the problem would be in, I’ve modified css and header.php mostly.

    Any help is appreciated!



    Do you remember what you were modifying when the column disappeared? Or a couple of things you think might have contributed to this?


    Kenneth John Odle


    That [/end_tabset] is a closing shortcode, but I’m not seeing the opening shortcode anywhere. This is probably a plugin issue: either the plugin is faulty, or it’s confused by the fact that there is no opening shortcode.


    Kenneth John Odle


    Whoa…just noticed this:

    I’ve been modifying the templates

    Which templates? WordPress or Graphene? You really don’t want to do this — you want to use a child theme instead. (There are lots of instructions for that in this forum.)



    Ok thanks for the info, I will look into child themes.

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