Looking for feedback on new site- better way to monitze-

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    Any/all feedback is appreciated- still a newbie and trying to market flea control products- I tried to put in some content that dog people would like- Thanks in advance for feedback and/or suggestions on this site-


    I would also be interested in getting someone for a small gigg– putting this site on the CDN Amazon cloud- I am a little nervous about doing it myself at this point-




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    Ok, so, what are you trying to sell?

    Keeping things simple, you need to clean up the page a lot. The site URL is for a specific product. So move the slider to the bottom, get rid of most of that menu mess, and put a proper buy-now button.

    The article list is interesting, but I think you should dump the other ads. As you now have it, its a more generic site.

    If you want a more generic site, then I suggest getting a more generic name.

    There is a lot of potential in a properly exploited popular name-brand product.

    Richard 🙂

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