Looking for a way to display the current “custom-menu-item-name” as the Page Title

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    I’m trying to get the custom-menu-item-name for the current menu item to display at the top of the page in place of the page title. I have a custom menu in the left sidebar that consists of links to specific gallery tags designed to retrieve photos with those tags from a gallery (generated by next-gen gallery plugin).

    So for example:

    On the page http://www.tkogfx.com/boccia_dev/paintings if you clicked on the menu item “Expressionism” under “Single Figures” then it would display “Single Figures Expressionism” at the top of the page (showing both the current parent and child menu items’ names).

    Does anyone have any thoughts on how this might be accomplished? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


    (NOTE: I have installed the exec php plugin which allows me to insert php in the page editor in case that is helpful)

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