Local political party site in devel…

  • kenmcneill


    Putting this together for the local Democratic Party. I’d appreciate some more experienced eyes checking for glitches. All feedback is greatly appreciated!




    Very nice! I want to be able to do stuff like this one day.

    Hey which plugin did you use for your Event Calendar.

    Also how do you make those boxes at the bottom.




    Thank you!

    The events calendar is the “Event Calendar 3 for PHP 5.3” – http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/event-calendar-3-for-php-53/

    The RSS boxes at the bottom are just the RSS widget inside the “frontpage footer widget area” I did apply a min-height to make them all the same height. It looks like I need to increase it just a bit to allow for overly long titles!



    One note on that events calendar plugin – it seems to break the WP-PageNavi plugin. I’ll be looking for a new events solution.

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