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  • andy woggle


    Hiya. I am really struggling with something that I imagine is really simple but google and wp-forums really are not answering..

    Bear with me?

    I have a site of 8 main pages with about 12 subpages.No problem there.

    But I really want one link (called Related) to use a dropdown menu, but instead of leading to pages, but directly link to other sites.

    I really can’t make it work. I know I’m doing something daft but I can’t work out what!!

    I’m using a child theme of Graphene and it’s viewable in subdomain here

    Thanks lots for reading. I know I am being dizzy, but I cannot work this out!!



    andy woggle


    Ok.. I have the add custom links bit, but I cannot get it into the dropdown. I either lose all other pages and have a sidemenu full of links, or I end up with a link to every page on my site in one really long menubar..

    What am I doing wrong?

    I am so sorry by the way. This I just can’t quite suss

    andy woggle


    All i need is under Related, for the links in the dropdown to become direct links. I am sure this is easy but I am just not getting it

    andy woggle


    It’s OK..Resolved.I’ve found a plugin (pages link to) that does exactly what I am needing

    Thanks for all your time



    Syahir Hakim


    There’s no need for a separate plugin if you’re using the built-in WordPress Custom Menu feature. Read through the link Ken provided above carefully and you’ll be able to figure it out.

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