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  • gjthom


    I recently divided up a long list of items into subpages under a parent page. For example, under the parent page “Test” I would have the subpages “Test 2010” and “Test 2011”.

    When I click on the parent page, “Test” which is in my top menu bar, I get “blurb” pages with a title for “Test 2010” and “Test 2011”. The title should be a hyperlink and each of these “blurb pages” have a “read more” button. However, neither the read more button nor the title are hyperlinked.

    I have another parent page with sub-pages, and it shows up the same way, but the but the title and the read more button function as hyperlinks.

    Can you tell me why the hyperlinks don’t work this time?



    Sorry, I meant to share a link. If you want to view my problem, you can go to the bottom of the following page…


    Syahir Hakim


    Replace the content of the style.css file with the updated one here:

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