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    Is it in some way possible to answer a specific comment on one of my posts, so my answer is post in connection to the specific comment(right below it, and not in the bottom of all the comments. If not is the some way to make quotes of comments, so people can see who I am refers to.

    There is a “link to this comment” but it has no effect, my post/answer still shows up in the bottom of the comments, without quotation or anything.

    Hope you are able to help. Thanks in advance.


    Hanne Zimmermann



    If you want to reply to a specific comment, then click on Reply link in that comment and write your reply. It will be displayed within the original comment but shorter in width. It will not move to the bottom of all comments.



    Thanks for quick reply.

    When I click the reply link in a comment nothings happens. I can see that it is possible to quote in my admin system but then I have to edit in the specific comment to do so. But I would prefer that the reply link was working so the users will also be able to reply to a specific comment. Is this possible?


    Syahir Hakim


    Make sure the “Enable threaded (nested) comments” option in WP Admin > Settings > Discussion is checked.



    That made it work…Thank you so much:o)

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