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  • Polaustere



    I can’t fine text-decoration : underline in the style.CSS.

    So why all my links in sidebar, heauder menu and post are underline ?

    How to remove it ?

    Many thanks



    (Moved to Support)

    First: Please post in the correct section. This is a support question.

    Second: Please provide a URL exemplifying the issue you are having.

    Third: Please read Ken’s blog page here:

    Please don’t take offense to number three. It’s there to help. Ken just has a very clever level of sarcasm. However, as a forum user, it’s vital information.

    Now, post back again (properly) and let’s get this knocked out!



    Go to Graphene Options –> Display –> Text Style Options –> Link Text and remove underline in Text decoration



    ‘ve found

    a {

    color: #000000;

    text-decoration: none;


    Thank u and apologyze for the wrong section

    I’ll try be better next time 🙂

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