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  • Ricardo


    So I have an idea, and I want to know if this is actually possible. I would like to make a new page with release dates like this:

    10-11-11 Album 1, Album 2

    11-11-11 Album 3

    12-11-11 Album 4

    13-11-11 Album 5, Album 6, Album 7

    14-11-11 Album 8

    15-11-11 Album 9, Album 10

    16-11-11 Album 11, Album 12

    17-11-11 Album 13

    I would like to have a widget in the sidebar that would only show releases on the day itself. If, for example, it were 13-11-11 I would like it to show: ‘Album 5, Album 6, Album 7’ in the sidebar (of course linked to the post).

    Does anybody have tips for me on this one? 🙂





    Hola Ricardo,

    I know there are php widget plugins available. I would think it’s possible to accomplish your issue with one.

    I would give this one a try:

    Then, you would just need to create a function to stick in the widget.


    Syahir Hakim


    Yeah, you would need to create a custom function for that. Or maybe look for a plugin that displays posts/pages based on date?



    Syahir… any thoughts on including a php widget as a standard feature in graphene? How difficult would it be? Some people may find this very useful. Although, the php-savvy may prefer to find alternative solutions on their own.


    Syahir Hakim

    Syahir… any thoughts on including a php widget as a standard feature in graphene?

    It’s unnecessary, particularly as there’s already a plugin that provides that functionality. There’s plenty of things that can be added that might be useful to some, but if we add them simply because we can, before long the theme’s codes will be so bloated with features that most of time most of the theme users won’t use. It will also make it more difficult to maintain for the developers and customise for the users.

    Aside from that, the theme will have to go through the WordPress Theme Review Team before being published on the theme repository. The general consensus in the WordPress community is that themes should only be concerned with the presentation of a site, and leave the functionalities to plugins.



    I love how you can simply disagree, and then explain WHY with legitimate reasons. You have definitely spent a lot of time thinking outside the box! I never even thought about it that way.



    This still looks quite difficult (after Googling it). How do I attach a date to every separate post in the list on the page? (because the posting dates and the actual release dates are different)

    Thanks for helping btw! 🙂



    Not sure what you mean, my friend… doesn’t the theme do this by default?




    I make a post about ‘album 1’ on 10-11-11, this album will be released on 30-11-11.

    So I want a link to the post to be visible in the sidebar on 30-11-11 (the day of release). I want my blogroll to stay the same, so that post will still be on posting date 10-11-11.

    Hope this clears it up? 🙂



    I’m not sure about this. Again, it sounds like we are getting into custom functions… and that’s still a little beyond my current know-how 🙂

    I wish I could be of more help.

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