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    There’s something that bothers me a little about Graphene. There are probably good reasons why it’s working like this, but currently I find the way it’s handling user profile images a bit confusing.

    If I understood well, there are 2 “sources” for user image :

    – the default source for WordPress, ie Gravatar if user has one, or a generated avatar, according to the options set on the “discussion” admin page

    – the Graphene “extra” source, which allow admin and users to specify a URL for their image

    The Gravatar picture is shown in the discussions (comments) and on the post page (footer with author’s bio).

    The Graphene picture is shown (only?) on the author’s profile page (ie http://www.yoursite.com/?author=1 for author #1).

    It means that :

    – a given user can have 2 different pictures of him on the site : one on his profile page and one everywhere else. Whenever he wants to update the picture, he has to do it twice : first on Gravatar, second on WordPress in the user admin panel.

    – if a user do not want his Gravatar picture to appear on the site (for privacy reason, for example), but still want to keep the same email adress registered on the site, the only solution seem that the whole site is set with no gravatar.

    Wouldn’t it be possible and simpler if :

    – IF user has a profile image set as a Graphene option on his profile page, then this image is used for this user everywhere on the site (ie it replaces the Gravatar). The way the Graphene profile image picture is set could also be made easier (currently you have to copy/paste an url, it would be great if it could be uploaded straight from the profile page)

    – IF user has no profile image set as a Graphene option, BUT has a Gravatar, then the Gravatar is displayed everywhere the Graphene custom pic should appear (only on profile page, no?).


    Kenneth John Odle


    The avatar is something that follows a given user around the web — it is not specific to your specific blog. So if I comment on your blog, using my avatar, it shows up the same way on both blogs.

    The Graphene author pic allows users to add a pic that is specific to your site. It could be a non-avatar type pic (i.e., an actual photograph) as opposed to a symbolic image.

    They are used in different places, and I admit that this can be quite confusing unless you play around with the settings to see where they are and are not used.


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