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    We are almost done with our website and ready to launch it to our friends and globetrotters community, however we would love to change a few things to make it look even better.

    1) We have a grey frame around the entire website that we would love to remove or make white, can we change that in the personnalized CSS section?

    2) Same goes for the grey frame/shadow around all images, can that be removed?

    3) Can we remove the arrow down in the menu next to “nous” and “les preparatifs”? and can the menu items be centered in the middle of the menu bar?

    4) On the home page, can we make the summary writting of the articles, listed below the slider, the same size as the rest of the site?

    5) Can we remove the 2 lines (white and grey) that are located at the footer?

    I appreciate all the help in getting our website to look the way we would want it! Graphene is an amazing theme!!!!



    Kenneth John Odle


    The quick answer is yes, it is possible to do all those things.

    Since you want to make so many changes, I would recommend using Firebug to find the elements you need to change, and how to change them. Josh has a good tutorial here:

    Additionally, almost everything that you want to accomplish has already been discussed at least once in this forum, so taking a look around will probably give you the answers you are looking for.



    I have tried to look around for answers on the forum but no one is mentioning a dark frame around the entire site. I am a little unsure about using Firebug as I am a begginner. the first point I was asking is what I would really like to change. I know how to insert CSS in the personalized CSS section.

    Can you please help?

    Thank you,




    Did find the code for the frame around the site but still cant remove the grey frame around the images. I have looked around and put the code in the css personalized but none are working.

    Also havent found how to center the menu item in the toolbar

    Nor the article font size in the homepage to match the rest of the site.

    Anybody willing to help?


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