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    I created another site for one of our DJ’s that’s rising on the top.

    All feed backs, opinions, comments are welcome. Also I am willing to help if you have any questions on how to achieve a look from my site. Thank for your time. Again and again this theme is by far the best! Thank you.



    I like it, it looks really nice!







    oh God is great……I am new so I would really apreciate if anyone could tell me how to make a small header space, change menu colour and style….and what widgets and plugins do I need to make a site like this?

    thank you



    Thanks everyone for the great comments. I appreciated the feed backs.


    There’s several ways to achieve a site like this depending how in-depth you are with CSS, HTML, and PHP.

    There’s lots of tutorials on this forums that will give you step-by-step instructions on how to create custom menus and to style it.





    As far as plugins:

    Firs things first, create a child theme. If your not sure how download this plugin and read instructions:

    Then you are ready to start styling your new Child themed Website.

    I use To achieve the top banner, it rotates images with faded effect, and you add as many as you like. You’ll have to add a bit of PHP coding to your header.php in order for it to work, all explanations are in that link.

    Sidebar widgets are endless. For example for my events feed I use Google Calendar, I downloaded this pluging

    it takes the feed from Google and posts it on your sidebar widgets with different looks. Also customizable CSS.

    Facebook widget here:

    Add this social sharing:

    Photo Gallery:

    Contact Form:

    There’s thousands of plugins out there you’ll just have to see which one works for you. It’s a lot of trial and error, and lots of reading and learning if your new at this. But in the end it’s worth it. Hope this helps thanks again!



    thank you. I am a beginner so I have a lot of study. Million thanks for the tips. Really appreciated.



    awesome red title boxes – love your site: it really inspires



    Thank you emberry! By the way to achieve those red box title ribbon here’s a great tutorial that doesn’t use images.



    As usual, another well customised site by Tee! Congratulations!

    I think contact form needs some polishing.. Width of the Name, Subject, Message and Attachments fields are unequal. (in firefox). Try to well align them.

    Here is a list of well designed contact forms – Best Practices of Contact Form-Page Designs in WordPress

    My contact form – (Using Contact Form 7 plugin)

    And the Custom CSS used in my contact form –

    Your Contact form in FF


    Looks almost fine on Chromium,




    Wow Prasanna your contact form is well done! It’s awesome, I went ahead and created the changes! Thank you very much for your input and help!

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