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    Hello. thanks for the great theme. I just want to ask how I can make the slider to display the latest posts but not to be shown again below in homepage. I manage this by creating one category “slider” and the posts that I wanted to be shown there where categorized such as.

    Is there a way to display just the latest post without to categorized them?


    Kenneth John Odle


    You need to hide the posts area on the front page via CSS.

    This has been discussed many times here previously, so if you search around a bit, I’m sure you’ll find it.



    Do a little bit of searching before creating a new thread. This may help you –



    Thanks for the advise however I did some searching but I didn’t recognized the threat is similar to mine. Anyway you say in this link to:

    Enable Slider and use static frontpage. Then hide static frontpage using Custom CSS.

    I did these steps with an addition. I enabled the homepage panes according to the LINK

    then I put the CSS in the CSS Stylesheet Editor

    #post-123 {

    display: none;


    where post-123 I put post-1281 that is my static page ID (if I am wrong correct me please)

    but the posts still appear both at the slider and the Homepage Panes.

    Did I skipped anything ?



    Yes, you need to disable homepage panes in Graphene Options > Homepage Panes



    Oh.. is it possible to work with homepage panes and to hide the latests post from the slider?



    Just hide slider in Graphene options!



    I didn’t say it correct. The issue is to not to display the latest posts at the homepage panes that they appear on the slider.

    Example we have 5 posts. The first 3 are display to the slider and the other 2 below to the homepage panes. Just not double posts on the homepage.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.



    Create two separate categories. Assign one for Slider and another for Homepage Panes. Publish first 3 posts under the slider category and the other 2 under Homepage Panes category.



    Ok that is the way I handle with the posts right now, I hoped that I could managed it without to Assign every time the post in to the slider category. This is because of the authors and their wordpress skills are not very good.

    Thanks for your help and you time also.


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