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  • mfavreau


    Good morning:

    I have been struggling to get ads from 2 vendors to display above the footer/below the content using the Active Hook Widget GM Neo Bottom. I have tried others too. Only a Google responsive ad has worked — and then only half of it shows. I found the following in the forum

    ins iframe {
    height: 100%;

    , but it did not resolve the issue or I did not implement it properly trying several iterations. Also, this would NOT have helped with other ads not showing at all.

    Can you help? One ad provider noted a LONG script being the problem, shortened A LOT below. Is it real? I have not looked for it myself.

    Thanks, Marc

    * jPanelMenu 1.3.0 (
    * By Anthony Colangelo (
    * */
    (function(e){e.jPanelMenu=function(t){if(typeof t=="undefined"||t==null)t={};var n={options:e.extend({menu:"#menu",trigger:".menu-trigger",excludedPanelContent:"style, script",direction:"left",openPosition:"250px",animated:!0,closeOnContentClick:!0,keyboardShortcuts

    {on:n.init,off:n.destroy,trigger:n.triggerMenu,open:n.openMenu,close:n.closeMenu,isOpen:n.menuIsOpen,,getMenu:function(){return e(},panel:n.panel,getPanel:function(){return e(n.panel)}}}})(jQuery);



    I placed the snippet in the custom css and the Google ad appears in full. This still leaves the question of why absolutely nothing else will appear. And the goofy code (that I cannot find).



    Well, its well over a week and I have no reply here at all. Even if its to tell me that my info is wrong, I should think something would have added. A newer post has been replied to in the interim.



    Ok, a month and still no answer. One more try…

    Neo will not allow a second ad to be displayed from Odd code is called (shown at the end of this email and on the forum). They have investigated three times, and now tell me this: “As a call is being made by a viewer, it disrupts our ad calls and returns a script which I sent you in the previous e-mail. Since our ad tag goes directly into the HTML of the site, there may be some elements within the HTML that affect the delivery of our ads after the first fold.”

    Someone PLEASE help.


    Syahir Hakim


    Hi Marc,

    I’ve replied you via email on this issue, but I’m just adding the response here in case anyone encounters the same issue. This is basically a conflict between the script for the slide-out menu feature and Media.Net ad code.

    We’ll be updating the script used for the slide-out menu in the next theme update to resolve the conflict. Meanwhile, as an interim solution, simply disabling the slide-out menu will allow the ad code to function.

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