Kindly recommend a compatible cache plugin

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    Please can someone kindly recommend a cache plugin that is compatible with the graphene theme? While testing the the theme(version 1.3), I tried using it with wp super cache plugin but that crashed the slider. I am not sure if that has been fixed in the new theme version or if the theme is compatible with another cache plugin.

    Will appreciate any suggestions.

    Thank you


    Kenneth John Odle


    What do you mean when you say it crashed the slider? I’m using the most up-to-date version of WP, Graphene, and WP Super Cache with no problems.

    (Unless you receive a lot of traffic on your blog, or you are paying too much for bandwidth, using a cache plugin is not a big priority, anyway, IMO.)

    Once you activated WP Super Cache, did you test it? There is a test button just below where you activate it.




    Dear Kenneth,

    Thank you for responding.

    While i was testing running the theme, i noticed that the slider will suddenly stop sliding and clicking on any of the slider buttons just refreshed the home page with an # sign on all the slider buttons. Whilst reading about the issue i came across and (comment by Opshots) and after disabling wp super cache (which i was also testing then) the slider started working by itself after a few hours.

    I simply assumed (maybe wrongly) that it was the cache plugin that caused it.

    I dont have too much traffic (yet) 🙂 , I want to use a cache plugin to speed up the loading speed of the pages on the site.

    Thank you so much. You guys are great!


    Kenneth John Odle


    I never run into this problem with WP Super Cache. I suppose it is possible that the cache plugin and some other plugin are conflicting. (Possibly the All in One SEO plugin. I have seen a lot of people with problems have that plugin installed.)

    Try disabling all plugins except WP Super Cache and then enabling the others one a time to see if this is the case.




    Ok. Will do just that. Thank you

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