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    Could you please help me with the proper way to move a thread from say the “General Talk” section to the “Support” section.

    I tried, but when I moved it, I wasn’t able to reply to the thread.. and it changed it from being created by the member, to being created by Syahir.

    I’m sure I did it the wrong way. Can you please briefly explain the proper way?



    Kenneth John Odle


    Yep, I have had a bit of trouble with that, as well. I’m not sure why.

    Generally, once I have that thread open, I just pick the proper section from the “Move to” drop down menu and then click “Move”.

    If someone hijacks a thread, I use “split topic”, which works better than moving to a new topic. But yes, it seems to be buggy sometimes. Which thread were you having issues with?



    Okay, yeah that’s what I tried to do originally, then here’s what happened:

    1. It moved the thread successfully, but changed the original thread posters name from “marcel” to “syahir”.

    2. It still had the topic in BOTH general and support.

    3. I deleted it from general.

    4. When I went to reply to the ‘moved’ thread in support, I couldn’t reply. Everytime I clicked reply, it just ran for a second and stopped. I did not ever get a reply box to type into.

    I accidentally deleted the original thread… so I posted a new one in support “@ marcel”.

    I’m going to go play around a little, and create a new thread in general, and try to move it to support. I can delete any thread I create to test, right?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Last question first: Yes.

    But #2 gives me an interesting clue to what it going on here. It seems to me that the computer is not so much moving it from one section to another as it is copying it, pasting it to a new one, and then going back and deleting the original. In other words, it can’t delete a post from one part of the database until it’s been copied into another. So maybe the issue here is to move it, and then wait a bit until things are fully updated, and it should be gone from the “general” section. But I may just be making stuff up here, because I don’t know enough about how bbPress works. I like it a lot (it’s much simpler than phpBB), mostly because it’s similar to WP, but it doesn’t get nearly the same attention as WP.

    #1: I’ve noticed this too. I’ve simply decided to find it amusing.

    #4: I’ve had that happen a couple of times, too. I think it’s a computer’s way of teasing humans.

    I don’t know enough about bbPress, but I wish I did, because it’s pretty nifty. Let me know how the experimenting goes.



    lol.. I love the humor 🙂

    Okay, I see now what I did wrong. I was clicking on ‘move’ at the bottom of the individual post, rather than at the bottom of the topic thread.

    So, I guess I was just moving the post (bud didn’t know because there was only one post in the thread).

    Clicking at the bottom of the thread moved the topic successfully to the ‘support’ section, and removed it from the ‘general’ section.

    Gotta love those learning curves!! I just home ‘Marcel’ is able to find his post 🙂

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