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  • sylvia


    Have a bit of a tricky problem here. I want my sharethis buttons to appear at the bottom of my excerpts….as of now…they appear at the end of the post text in the excerpt. So it doesn’t look consistent when I look at a list of excerpts because the sharethis buttons always show at different heights depending on the lenght of text. I can use absolute positioning and set bottom to 0..but then when the full post is viewed, the post text appears over top of the sharethis buttons.

    What is the best way to position the sharethis buttons at the very bottom of each excerpt(just above the bottom border) so that they appear in the exact same location in each excerpt?

    I know I can use an action hook….but like I said…I want them positioned at the bottom in the excerpt regardless of the amount of text in the excerpt…

    Any help is always appreciated, thanks.

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