Just updated to 1.6.1 Graphene theme and my entire site is seems to not be working like it should…

  • jarretsao


    None of my side widget menus are working any more after i updated. The slider is making the first pic blank and when i am in wordpress all my side code i added in the text widget box is still there, its just not showing up on my site. Has anyone else ran into this?




    Kenneth John Odle


    I see three widgets: “What’s New” (ends with tryout fee info), “Player Forms”, “Tsunami Calendar.”

    Try refreshing your browser.

    Not sure about the slider pic — what are your slider settings? If you set to “display featured image” did you set the image on that post as the featured image?



    update… I had to move my widgets to “sidebar two widget area” in order for it to show up… weird.

    Now i have the issue of all my header text titles showing up in Blue but they used to be White. Where can i change that color? (Home, Facilities, ContactUs etc…).

    Also my tables i had set up on those pages are now having background color issues along with my practice facilities page. Does anyone know how i can fix these?



    @Kenneth the slider is set up to use the featured image and the weird thing is that all pictures are working but the very first one.

    Also my tables on my costs page are now showing up with the background no longer black and all white so you cant see anything. Any way to change that without having to modify the CSS? Maybe some custom CSS i can in that section of the graphene theme settings page?

    Thanks in advance (refresh didnt work)



    Ok it looks like i had to redo almost everything… Delete and redo what i previously had. I got most of it back to how it was before the update but the last thing i am struggling on is any table i manually added via html mode shows up with a white background. Not sure how to get it to be a blackground with teal borders like how it was before.

    And lastly all the page headers (Home, contact us, about us, facilities etc.) all show up in Blue. How can i change that back to white?

    Thanks in advance…



    And lastly all the page headers (Home, contact us, about us, facilities etc.) all show up in Blue. How can i change that back to white?

    Add this to your child theme stylesheet:

    .post-title, .post-title a {
    color: #FFFFFF;

    Your tables look like you described. They are black background with teal borders. This is the page I was looking at:




    @Josh – yeah i had to edit the tables in the style.css to get them back to normal.

    As a matter of fact i had to pretty much do that for every issue after the update to 1.6.1 (pretty tedious and painful but i managed to do it pretty quickly). The css code you posted above worked like a charm! THANKS for the help! Appreciate it.


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