Just installed graphene, with latest version of WordPress, now server crashing

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    Is the graphene theme compatible with the very latest version of WordPress?

    My website has crashed the server to the point where they refuse to reactivate it, and they advise that when I rebuild, to ensure that my themes are compatible with my wordpress installation.

    (My server crashing problem did start when I upgraded to the latest version of wordpress, whilst using another theme. They de-activate the theme, and I installed and customized Graphene, and the same thing happened.)

    Since it looks like I have to rebuild my site, I would like to be sure graphene is working with the latest wordpress, and if anyone has any clues on the server crashing issue, that would be very much appreciated!



    Without Link/URL to The Site in Question!


    WordPress Scout Manual No.1 🙂


    Child theme allows you to modify the theme without actually modifying the theme’s core codes, so it makes sure that you can safely update the theme whenever there’s a new update without losing your modifications.

    I strongly recommend that you use child theme to modify the theme instead of modifying the theme’s files directly.

    It’s quite easy to do. Here’s how:

    Create a graphene-child folder in wp-content/themes/

    Create a new style.css file inside the graphene-child folder

    (Use Your favorite CSS editor or http://www.activestate.com/komodo-edit 🙂

    Copy and paste the following code into the new style.css

    Theme Name: Graphene Child
    Theme URI: http://example.com/
    Description: Child theme for the Graphene theme
    Author: Your name here
    Author URI: http://example.com/about/
    Template: graphene
    @import url("/wp-content/themes/graphene/style.css");
    /* Your modification goes under this line */

    You will only need to modify the values of the properties for the elements that you want to modify.

    There’s no need to copy and paste the entire style.

    Go to your WordPress Appearance > Themes admin page and activate the child theme.

    You can learn more about using child theme at the WordPress codex page.



    Syahir Hakim


    There’s a lot of things that may cause a server to crash, and without further info (particularly a look at the last lines of the error log shortly before the crash), there’s not much help anybody can offer.

    Plus, I don’t think any theme would be the root cause of your server crashing. The problem may lie somewhere else. The theme’s demo page is running the latest WordPress version, and my development server is running WordPress 3.2 Beta 2. You can be prety sure it’s compatible.

    Glenda N


    Thanks Kim and Syahir….

    The reason I didn’t give the website is that it is deactivated and they won’t reactivate. (They want to reset – and I lose everything.)

    When I rebuild I just don’t want it all to happen again. It sounds like it IS compatible with WP3.2. I saw something about some servers not handling PHP version 5. Is graphene using PHP v5? (I hope this question makes sense. I am operating on limited understanding here!)

    Also – a question about the child theme idea. I HAVE made a lot of mods to the main stylesheet (have commented out the original lines).

    I don’t know html all that well – just enough to get by. The mods I make are little things like background colours, padding values, border values etc. I don’t understand how I could just put those lines in a child theme, without referencing them to what they are relevant to….. Is it OK to take a complete copy of the stylesheet and put into the child one? Or does that make WP work too hard? Maybe I need to get someone who knows html code properly to set up these mods in the child sheet for me?

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