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    I also submitted a similar support post, but I thought this one was different enough to merit its own.

    Is there any way that I can select what categories are included in my sliders? I would like to have only posts involving Advice or Web Resources, for example, in the slider on my landing page. Can I do this without having a separate installation for any remaining categories that I do not want included in the slider, in my case, News?

    My URL:


    Please help, because I would like to optimize my slider for optimum impact.



    Try Appearance > Graphene Options > General > Slider Options > What do you want to show in the slider > Show posts from categories > Categories to display.



    Thanks very, very much for that, Mabul!

    That is helpful, but my situation is a bit different. I’m sorry it was not clear enough in my original query. I have links from my landing page to three different “blogs,” which are actually links to category archive pages. I should have a different slider on each one. For example, I will have a link to the category archive for “Advice,” and jazz up/reformat the category archive to look like a regular blog, a separate on. That is easy, but what is difficult is to create a different slider on each category archive result.

    Sadly, my site has crashed for a different reason, trying to transfer my posts using Duplicator.

    If you have any advice at all, please share, because I would really like to get my site perfect as soon as possible.

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