jquery and jquery tools scripts loaded in all pages

  • speedy



    Thank you for this great theme.

    I noticed that the jquery and the jquery tools scripts are loaded in all posts/pages. However, I understand that these scripts are only needed for the slider. Would it be possible to load these heavy scripts (100ko in total) only in pages that actually use the slider (in my case only the home page) and not in the others? This would definitely improve the website performance.

    Even if we deactivate the slider in the graphene options, these scripts are still loaded in all posts/pages.


    Syahir Hakim


    Those scripts are still needed for the comments/pingbacks tabbing in posts. Also, since the scripts are already loaded on home page, the browser won’t need to load it again in subsequent pages. It’ll just fetch it from cache.

    But I agree, the theme does need some optimisation in terms of script loading. Maybe in next update.

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