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  • bo_wadh7a



    i have been using graphene theme since i started bloging , and really love it

    bu today after updating one of the best wordpress plugins jetpack , the new comment system is not working i think the problem is related to the theme cause on other theme it runs smoothly

    this is the new comment

    and after activating no one can comment on my blog the keep geting a strange error

    slow down cowboy, speed kills.

    really need help here


    Kenneth John Odle


    Please post a link to a page/post on your site where this is occurring.




    Try to comment on this post


    Kenneth John Odle


    I didn’t get that weird message at all. Instead, I got “تعليقك يحتاج موافقة المدير.” (“Your comment needs approval.”)

    Do you still have the Jetpack plugin activated? Are others seeing this?

    I have always felt that Jetpack creates more problems than it solves.

    Try commenting from a different computer or a different ISP to see if the issue is still there.



    Your comment went throw , but i think that it went through because the blugin is not activated

    I just asked a friend to try and comment and he did get a new empty page and i(as admin) didn’t get the comment so it didn’t get through :/


    Kenneth John Odle


    I see it now. The comment is at

    Why do your webpages end with “.html”? Is this part of the Jetpack functionality?



    I don’t remmeber why i did this change to .html , its easier to use links in this formate . its not related to jetpack



    hi there

    i think i manage to make it work perfectly after deactivating the spam blocker plugin

    thank you very very much for your time


    Kenneth John Odle


    I just commented again to make sure it works. It looked good on my end.

    For future reference, which spam blocker plugin were you using? Most of us have had pretty good luck with Akismet, which is free for not-for-profit sites.



    yes it came through

    thanks for the help

    the plugin was

    i’ll try the one you wrote about

    now am working with the jetpack dev to fix another issue where comments from firefox, iphone safari, android dolphine don’t go through

    thanks again

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