Java script providing top padding in responsive view.

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    When looking at smaller screens size views of Franz Josef as soon I navigate away from the home page an area of top padding is added above the top bar. It does not disappear when returning to the home page. This also happens on the demo site. We found that it was being generated through javascript adding a proportional padding to the body tag and it disappears when the java script is comment texted out. I’m about to go live with the theme but want to check if there any reason why that padding (which looks really ugly on this really clean smart design) may be required for small screen sizes or if it is okay to leave it commented out.

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    Syahir Hakim


    Can you take a screenshot of the padding? Not sure if I can replicate the issue from my side.




    I took screenshots of your demosite just taking the visible portion of the page .

    fj_firef1.jpg show how it appears when brought up in firefox in a less than maximised window (about half my scrren width) which has no padding at top (windows 8 pc) .


    fj_fire2.jpg shows what happens after navigating away from the home page – white padding at top appears.


    fj_firef3.jpg show the white padding still there when returning to the home page.


    fj_ie.jpg shows same result having navigated to a subsequent page from a normal home page and shows the url of the page on display.


    Same behaviour in chrome on my windows pc and on a linux notebook running suse. Reloading the home page after the padding has appeared removes it in firefox on windows 8 pc but not ie or chrome and not on my linus notebook.




    Syahir Hakim


    Thanks for the screenshots, Glynne. We’ve identified the issue and will fix it in the next update.

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