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    Ok, so what happened was this…

    I had a site with graphine theme set up and all was just grande. My site was http://www.yourturnkei.net

    However, I had the clever idea to change the url of my blog from yourturnkei.net to justjosocial.com.

    I went thru the process of changing the url and everything seemed to switch over fine.

    Except I am having trouble with a few graphics on the blog. The pages are fine, blog images are missing.

    What I assume is happening (with my non-existent expertise) is that the graphine theme is still trying to pull the blog pictures up from a media file with the original http://www.yourturnkei.net url address.

    I do not know where to go to tell graphine to stop looking there and redirect it to the justjosocial.com files of the same name.

    Is this something I can do in the CSS files? If so please walk me thru because I am not very familiar with them.

    I hope this was clear enough



    Kenneth John Odle




    yes that does help. Thankyou.

    I do believe i need to change the url adress in the graphine template.

    However, i am not sure in what template I should be changing.

    I have opened up the graphine templates that I thought might be a good try – the header, for example- but I do not see the old address anywhere so I can change it.

    What php should I be looking in to find this sneaky code?

    Again, all the pages are excellent- I had been using the “Featured Image” option on all my pages, however it is just the page that hosts the blog posts that has no image.

    Thank you again for your time.

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