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    I really like the theme, and I think that it’ll get my site to the next level from being something that looks like a blog to something that looks like a major news source. But there are some things that could make it even better.

    I realize that a lot of the following can be solved through coding, but I use WordPress specifically because I usually don’t need to worry about code. I’ll try to work through these in code, but being able to change the following in the Appearance menu or in “Franz Josef Options” would be great:

    -change opacity of the featured posts carousel, to make the title/subtitle stand out more

    (I really like Politico‘s design, making the opacity a gradient on the bottom, leaving it full brightness at the top)

    -On the politico theme, it would be great to be able to choose different alignments for the text in the carousel (I’d love to be able to have the title and subtitle going across the bottom in two lines like on Politico’s site.)

    -If the politico thing isn’t feasible, how about this: right now, it looks like the featured posts carousel on the main page aligns the “view post” button with the arrows on the sides, and shows the content above it. I think it would look better if you could center the content and the button on the arrows (so the content is in the middle of the picture vertically and horizontally, rather than center-top)

    -be able to upload a separate logo, and leave the text of the name beside it.

    Right now, I would need to find what font you use, make a graphic that has the name of my site written out, and make sure it’s the exact same size, exact same alignment, etc. quite a hassle. Uploading the logo and having it show to the left of the title would be better-looking and easier for the user.

    -show social icons from the footer in the headliner as well, to the right of the menu items (preferably with a divider like a | between the menu items and social icons.

    Being able to choose from different sets of social icons would be great too (or simply being able to choose the color. Grey on black is fine for the footer, but for the headliner I’d like them to pop out more.

    Being able to change the color/opacity of the headliner bar, or even make the background a picture (see my current site) I use the Sydney theme

    -Google fonts integration, to be able to change the fonts of different parts of the site (content, headers, headliner, featured carousel, etc.)

    -colors, colors, colors. (For example, being able to change the color of the headliner text, headliner text on hover, on click, sidebar headers, etc. etc.)

    I’ll try to work through as much of this as I can in code, but it would be great for some of this to make it into the next update 🙂

    Thanks for the theme, keep up the good work!

    Kyle Medin

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