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    Hi there

    After updating to the latest Graphene theme my websiter slightly fucked up. My “first” (home) page seems normal, but when i move myself to another page the topbar and almost everything has wrong width and keeps going 100% of the screen.

    The website:

    I was woundering if anyone else have this problem, and know how to fix this? I could really need some help here, since this is the website for our student pub πŸ™‚

    Yours Sincerly

    Mathias Johnsen





    Kenneth John Odle


    Help us to help you:

    What modifications have you made and how have you made them? Which plugins are you using?

    (BTW, the “f-word” is a very naughty word in English. Definitely not something to say in front of Granny.)




    I am so sorry for the “f-word”, I’m from north Norway and its kinda in our normal daily language, so sorry for that πŸ™‚

    When it come’s up to the modification I have this list:

    Add Link to Facebook – Customize Meta Widget – Google+ Plugin – Google Analytics – SSH SFTP Updater Support – WP Security Scan – WP to Twitter

    And almost no changes to the setup files for the plugins. Except for facebook and twitter API settings, and some changes on the meta widget.

    I’ve also disabled all comments, but allowded facebook commenting. I’ve selected My latest posts as the homepage, and basicly chosen “Two collums, sidebar on the right” on all my pages, to have a widget area on the right.

    Any more questions? I’l be happy to answer them πŸ™‚


    Kenneth John Odle


    Don’t worry about f-word. I’m just giving you a heads-up.

    Okay, I knew that I have seen this issue somewhere before. I finally found it.

    First, I would try disabling all your plugins at once. Use FTP to temporarily rename your plugins folder. If the problem goes away, then it is a plugin conflict. You’ll need to figure out which plugin (or more) is causing the issue.

    I also saw this issue in this thread:

    There, I thought it might be due a faulty WordPress installation. Check that thread and see if anything there sounds like it could be the culprit. (Of course, they haven’t gotten their site fixed yet, so I could be wrong about that.)

    Let us know if any of that works, and if not, we’ll look at something else. But I’m fairly certain it’s one of those two issues.

    Cheers! SkΓƒΒ₯l! (Hope that’s right.)




    Hi again

    Ive tried disabling the plugins and removed them totally from the ftp but no luck. Got any other good tips? Or you could have get a user with admin axx and then check to see if there are any settings thats not suppose to be turned on etc?

    Just let me know πŸ™‚


    Syahir Hakim


    Have you modified any of the theme files? Is there any sort of caching plugin being used? In all other pages except the front page, the #container div is missing the necessary classes, which is causing the layout mess.



    Hi, no caching plugin should be installed, unless some of the above plugins mentioned are caching the site. I was guessing there was some CSS classes missing but I dont have the necessary skill to fix this issue alone. And the theme files should not be modified, but I’m not 100% sure.

    Is it possible to that i could delete the theme files (but first export the settings for the theme), and reinstall the theme and import the settings? Would that make a difference?


    (Ive also let ken have a look inside the control panel now aswell πŸ™‚ So lets see if he can figure out something πŸ™‚


    Syahir Hakim

    Is it possible to that i could delete the theme files (but first export the settings for the theme), and reinstall the theme and import the settings? Would that make a difference?

    Yep, try that.



    Yeah still no changes… Im tempted to reinstall wordpress aswell!! ><

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