Issues with the new update (Pings)

  • thajekku


    My comments were working fine before the update but now on posts with ping backs it messes up the entire layout. It puts the first ping back on the right sidebar and moves my entire sidebar way down the page. It only does this in IE. Here’s what I’m talking about…

    Marvelous Mommy


    I wanted to let you know I unapproved all my pings so it would show correctly in IE (it MUST be working correctly today). But I can put the pings back on if you want to see what it’s doing. Just let me know amy(at)marvelousmommy(dot)com


    Syahir Hakim


    Hi Amy,

    It’s working fine on my development server. Can you put back the ping please so that I can take a look?

    Marvelous Mommy


    Here’s a link to a post with pings. The more pings there are the more the “Leave a Reply” section moves to the left. My other post had about 8 pings and it was completely moved over to left. And it doesn’t show the first ping but it will the others.


    Syahir Hakim


    Hurm…this is weird…it shows up fine in all my tests, and I’ve had others beta-test the theme and they didn’t report this problem.

    It seems that each ping has is closed twice (two closing </li> tags) which are messing up the layout. Any chance you have modified the code in some way? It’s also probably one of the plugins you’re using. Try deactivating them one by one to see if any of them caused the problem.

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