Issues with Image Margin in Slider

  • sashkapetrovna


    Sorry if this question has been asked before–I’ve looked through the various posts on slider issues and none of the coding that’s been recommended has worked for me, so I figured I would ask for help directly. I’ve been working on this site:

    And cannot get the images to work correctly in the slider. I tried one of the fixes, which was changing the slider to display custom URLs instead of featured images, but that stopped the slider working completely. I also tried pasting in code in the stylesheet to display the featured image at 600px, but it seems to just cut off the right side of the image if I do that, and still has a white margin on the top and left. Could someone tell me how to fix this?

    (Also, I want to compliment you on this theme in general: it was SO easy to customize this site into something jazzy thanks to the straightforward options!)


    Kenneth John Odle


    I am work now and your site is being blocked by our web filter. I will look at it this weekend.



    Okay. Thank you!



    Any luck with this?


    Kenneth John Odle


    Your main content area is set at 600px, but your images are 580px wide. Your featured slider is set to 286px, but your images are 266px high.

    You either need to change your height/width settings, or to use larger images.



    I originally had images that were 600px wide, and just to illustrate the problem have kept one of the images at 600px wide, the one for GBF, which then sort of sticks to the left-hand side of the slider when the next image scrolls into place, and is cut off on the right side when it is featured. The issue was not fixed when all of the images were 600px wide and 286px–the bottom and sides just get cut off. That’s why I’m wondering how to fix the margins a different way.

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