Issues since update!

  • QueenBee


    Hi there,
    I need some help, since the update I have had an issue with the Graphene theme. Some color changes which I have managed to correct but others are not so easily fixed. My user does not do CSS coding and needs to be able to maintain this website without it. Here are the current issues:

    1. The title and tag in the header were a different font and were left justified
    2. Two of the six menu headers have the notation “Sub directories from here…. (this was not here prior to the update). My Girls and My Boys both have sub listings that I have no idea where they are pulling from
    3. My photos in the sliders have been upsized and are now unviewable (they had always worked before)

    My website is and the problems seem to be with the home page, but I am still doing research to see if there any other issues.



    I have since deleted and re-created the posts for the slider and that problem seems resolved.

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