Issue with recording the theme options

  • Bakenji


    Hi there,

    First i want to thank you for your work, it’s very beautiful. I’ve a minor issue with the graphene theme…

    I could change the theme options normally, but now I can not change. This indicates that the options have been succefully changed (such as the size of the side bar or colors), but these records are not displayed on the blog.

    Should I re-install the theme or have you ever met this problem and know the solution?

    Again thank you and goodbye.




    I think i have found the problem. I have uninstal and re-instal the theme, and when I try to change dimensions of sidebar and main bloc, i can’t change anything after this point.





    Finally, after i re-install the theme, i still can’t change all the colors of my blog. What could i do?

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