Is this technically possible?

  • rickytherhino


    So I have my normal site at

    I want to apply a COMPLETELY different style to the page

    I bought and it will reroute to the page above. I want to lose the existing menus, replace Nexus logo, and have different widgets.

    Is this even possible?





    It’s technically possible. But, it needs hard coding..

    Hmm.. Why can’t you keep another wordpress install in /birminghamwise directory?



    I haven’t tried anything yet. You think I should install WordPress in the directory?



    Syahir Hakim


    By different “style” do you mean a completely different stylesheet, or a different content and layout?

    Several options:

    1. Place different widgets on different pages by using the Widget Logic plugin.

    2. Create a custom page template, and then apply that template to that particular page.

    3. Unload the theme’s stylesheet and load up your own, custom stylesheet.




    I guess #1 and #2. I didn’t know about that plugin so I will download and play around.

    This might help….. I want just that page to look more like this website homepage.

    I don’t want to lose the current style on the rest of the website.. Any thoughts?



    Or, create a index.php or html file in /root/birminghamwise directory and paste the source code of any one of your standard page and edit elements..

    I’ve done the same thing in one of my clients’ site..



    that’s not a bad idea…. I’ll give it a shot soon and let you know what happens 😉




    I’m confused as to how to do that. Birminghamwise is just a page on the main site. Where would I put the index.php file? I don’t have a /root/briminghamwise directory. At least not that I know where to find it.



    You need to create a directory called /briminghamwise in your public_html (root). Then a index.php or index.html file



    Maybe off topic, but. How Did you make that some menu items isn’t’clickable’ ?

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