Is there way to replace the print icon or make it bigger?

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    I like the print CSS options comes with this theme. So, I utilize it a lot. Some of my professors and friends having a hard time noticing the print icon on the top left side. Is it possible to make it as large as may be the date icon since author name and such is not posted under it?

    Another question is, is there a way to make those slider dots larger as well?

    Thank you.


    Kenneth John Odle


    All of this can be accomplished via CSS.

    The printer icon itself is just part of the master sprite image; you can substitute another printer icon for it. You may need to adjust the spacing of the elements around it.

    .print a, .print a:visited {
    background: url('path to image')

    The same thing applies to the slider dots:

    .slider_nav a, .slider_nav a:visited {
    background: url('path to image');

    Not tested, but that should get you started, I think.



    Thank you Kenneth… I will look in to this week.




    The code works, however, if a larger image inserted, only part of the image shows up. I am currently going through the theme CSS file see if there is a function or something I can over write.




    Just in case someone else what to make the icon bigger…. This is what I did:

    Larger print icon
    .print a, .print a:visited {
    background: url('image_link_ADDR');
    width: 35px;
    height: 35px;

    Note that if you want a larger image to show up, you must also increase the area with width and height.

    Thanks again Kenneth

    One question: Why it is working on every page and post except the front page?



    I am now running into this problem where the print icon is not showing up in Pages, while it works fines in posts. I spent few days tying to troubleshoot and I think it has to do with that 35 by 35 may is not aligning properly ?

    What do you think I should do to fix this?

    Thank you.

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