Is there help or do I really need to change that theme for 3 homepage ???

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    Please, don’t create several threads with the same topic. Your problem is browser related because there is no problem in Firefox.

    You need to go to a german site because I don’t know how to fix your problem and the other guy here probably doesn’t understand your english good enough to understand your problem.

    Try the following site because they deal with these browser issues:

    Good luck and feel free to post back here if you managed to fix the problem.



    I think I ‘ll leave it just as it is.

    have now been tested with Internet Explorer 3 computer 11 and all the jumps writing short on fat .

    Thus, it is not at my PC

    Also have a new theme installed and tested … and nothing jumps … thus , the error must unfortunately where are the subject of

    Anyway thanks for the help … lg.Reini

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