Is there a way to roll back latest update?!

  • benzilla


    Liked the previous look much better — the gray button-look headers were much more elegant than current blue header which is not spanning entire width of navigation column in IE. Also breaks child theme that turned off tab look for page navigation across top (I was only hilighting text on mouseover, no background change).


    Syahir Hakim


    Which blue header are you referring to? And which navigation column are you referring to that the blue header is not spanning the entire width?

    There’s actually a lot more going on in the latest update besides the cosmetic changes, so I don’t recommend rolling back to the previous update. You might want to take a look at the changelog before rolling back. And if after that you still decide to roll back, here’s the link to version

    Also, on a side note the cosmetic change of the sidebar is necessary to prepare the theme for future updates which will add more layout options that will allow the user to choose between different configurations of one-, two-, and three-column layout. Especially with the three-column layout, the width of the content area will be small, so the sidebar styling has been changed to remove wasted layout space and allow for the content area to be expanded.

    In the next update, the theme’s total width will be expanded to 960px from the current 900px, so definitely there’ll be some disruption to current theme users who have been using custom header images. But all that are necessary to accommodate a more flexible layout options, and also to have increased content area width, which can’t be bad.

    But if the current version has been working fine for you, and you have no use for the new features implemented in 1.1.4 and the planned features ahead, then by all means you can continue to use the current version

    Jacques d'Nalgar


    Syahir, I’ll send you some screenshots (via email) and then roll back. I’ll compare IE to Firefox (which doesn’t look too bad, but I still like the cleaner look of the prior version) for you, so you can see what I’m complaining about…

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