Is there a way to hide the Graphene post-specific options section of the add new post

  • IanH


    I love the Graphene theme and it has been very successful in helping me get my site up and running. My site allows only logged-in members to post. However, many of my members are not very technically minded and I wnat to make adding posts as simple as possible. Is it possible to hide or remove the Graphene Post-Specific Options and the Set Featured Image sections of the Add New Post page?

    The simpler I can make it the better…



    Click on Screen Options in the top right corner of the edit post area and uncheck Format, Featured Image and Graphene post-specific options



    Many thanks Prasanna – that was very helpful – and a very quick reply 🙂

    Are these user-specific settings or can I do this once for all users?



    Screen Options are user specific. You may try these solutions to set a global Screen Options.

    DIY, How to set default screen options?

    Plugin – WP Global Screen Options



    Excellent – many thanks!

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