Is there a closing DIV missing?

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    Graphene is a great theme and I’m using it on a number of sites but one thing I find is that sometimes it produces strange effects with some plugins and widgets. For example, I have an amazon sales text widget in my side bar at and it looks like a graphne footer has inserted itself where it shouldn’t.

    Same story with my fitness directory where the theme footer appears at the top of the page. Every other page is fine.

    On other forums it has been suggested that the theme is missing a close DIV statement which is causing these problems.

    Help/Fix would be much appreciated. Once I get these sites live and earning money I intend to donate to all themes and widgets the I use.



    Syahir Hakim


    Most of the time it’s not the theme’s that’s missing the closing div, but rather, the widgets of those plugins. Try adding </div> at the end of the Nebraska page, and see if that helps.

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